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After Years of Issues... NO MORE PROBLEMS!
Dear Squatty potty staff, my husband has had severe issues and irritation for years, many doctor visits and steroid suppositories daily. I came upon the squatty potty on the internet while doing some research. I am an RN. I bought the squatty potty and talked two other coworkers into going in with me to buy bulk for cheaper! Since my husband has been using the squatty potty he no longer has any irritation or problems. My coworkers love their squatty pottys as well and state it makes it much easier to go to the bathroom!!! Thank you.

Valerie L.

The Darn Thing Works Instantly
Folks, My son, Todd, sent me a squatty potty for my 66th birthday. I thought to myself, what kind of a birthday gift is this contraption? Living 65 years "on my own", I thought I was "going" just fine. How mistaken I was! I don't think I can live another day WITHOUT it. It's absolutely amazing - the darn thing works instantly. Thank you for making my life SO much more pleasant! Three cheers for the Squatty Potty!

Susan F.

The Joke Was On Us!
I just wanted to write and let you know how much we love your product! My husband is a gastroenterologist and I bought him a squatty potty as a gift, but mostly just for the humor. Given his career, we often give him "poop" related gifts and gags. The joke was on us! We are both so impressed with the squatty potty. It has made a big difference for both of us and we are still in awe of the simplicity of correcting our body alignment during defecation. He said he will now recommend it to his patients! Thanks!


Squatty Potty for World Peace
I recently received my Squatty Potty. I'm so happy with this thing. Seriously, it could create world peace, or, at least, settle the Western world down. You should do more radical marketing. It should be featured on Oprah's show. I'm not kidding.


The Best Christmas Gift!
I am so thrilled with my purchase! My entire family suffers from elimination issues and when I read about your product and the benefits of squatting, I knew we needed this. I decided to make it a family Christmas gift, and was worried about their reactions. They had heard about squatting, and were actually anxious to try it. We have never talked so much about our personal eliminations before in our house! We gave full reports all day long, each one of us thrilled with the difference in just one day! Thank you!

Monica R.